This man’s sports-movie opinion is bad. (Darren Whiteside/AFP/Getty Images)

Vice President Pence is in Australia as part of a 10-day, four-country trip. Such journeys to far-flung locales obviously require a lot of air travel, so Pence tried to keep everyone entertained with a showing of “Hoosiers,” which he regards as the “greatest sports movie ever made.” He even brought along his own DVD of the film, which seems like a weird thing for a vice president to bring on a trip.

Here’s the pool report from the latest leg of the journey:

It was more or less a captive audience.

Pence’s hyping of “Hoosiers” is hardly surprising, considering he was born and raised in Indiana and previously was the state’s governor. It doesn’t make his opinion about the film’s superiority less wrong, though.

Here is a list of sports movies that are better than “Hoosiers,” which has the emotional sophistication of an unwanted Hallmark card. This list is unimpeachable.

“Slap Shot”

“Major League”

“Raging Bull”


“Rocky II”

The O.J. documentary

“Hoop Dreams”


“Blue Chips” (scenes involving Shaq trying to act only)


“White Men Can’t Jump”

“Friday Night Lights” (the TV show taken as a whole)

“When We Were Kings”

“Bull Durham”


“The Bad News Bears” (OG version)

“The Karate Kid”

“A League of Their Own”

My faded VHS copy of GW’s 1995 win over No. 1 U-Mass.

Any of these films would have been preferable to “Hoosiers” on a long plane trip.