Now here is something you probably won’t see during your run-of-the-mill Red Bulls-Crew match.

That is way more than 11-on-11, guys.

Anyway, that scene was captured Saturday in London during a match between host Leyton Orient and Colchester, two teams that toil in League Two, the fourth division of English soccer. With about five minutes remaining, the home crowd stormed onto the field in protest of Francesco Becchetti’s disastrous ownership of the club. With no hope of restoring order, the referee declared that the final score of 3-1, Colchester, would hold up and called the game off.

Leyton Orient sealed its relegation from League Two last week down to the National League, which is pretty much the furthest down you can go in English soccer and still call yourself a professional team. The team’s fans have pointed the finger at Becchetti, an Italian businessman who has gone through 10 managers and countless allegations of financial mismanagement since taking over in 2014, just after Leyton Orient nearly won promotion to the Championship, England’s second-tier league.

Last month, an English court gave Becchetti until June 12 to pay off his debts or sell the team. The club’s latest financial statement showed that it owed more in debt than it had in assets, and some Orient fans are worried that the team — which was founded in 1881 — could simply cease to exist if Becchetti can’t find a buyer (they’ve started fundraising efforts to purchase the club). It got to the point where the team was issuing news releases simply to announce that it was able to pay its players.

Relegation to the depths of English soccer was simply icing on the world’s worst cake and on Saturday the fans decided to vent, even if Becchetti wasn’t there. He hasn’t been to a game since last year, according to ESPNFC.