In fairness to Tony Richardson, he only spent a relatively small portion of his lengthy NFL career, three out of 16 seasons, with the Jets. That said, it’s a good thing the former fullback showed he could laugh at his gaffe Friday, because it was a draft-day doozy.

While announcing the Jets’ third-round pick, Richardson offered a version of the familiar Jets chant in which the team’s name is spelled out. Unfortunately, the 45-year-old couldn’t quite get it across the finish line, telling the crowd in Philadelphia, “With the 79th pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the New York J-E-T-E Jets select ArDarius Stewart, receiver, Alabama.”

Oh, Tony. The longtime Chief, who was selected to three Pro Bowls and also played with the Vikings, earned plenty of Internet derision for his slip-up, but he proved to be a good sport about it.

As for that aforementioned derision, here is just a taste.

To add insult to injury, the player Richardson announced was from Alabama, while the ex-Jet is an Auburn product. At least Richardson, who played in Kansas City for 11 years, can relate to the “Great googly-moogly” guy from that Snickers ad.