ESPN is in the midst of staff upheaval. (Mike Windle/Getty Images for ESPN)

The latest familiar face to fall victim to ESPN’s layoffs is Sara Walsh, who learned the news last week as she was preparing to return from maternity leave.

Walsh, a “SportsCenter” anchor, tweeted Thursday that she “was truly excited to return to work today from maternity leave with the twins. Unfortunately, I will not be coming back as I was included in the recent layoffs. Much appreciation to those I worked with, and especially those who watched.”

Walsh, who joined ESPN in May 2010, previously worked TV jobs in Georgia, Nashville and Washington, D.C. She is married to Matt Buschmann, a minor-league baseball pitcher who played in three games for the Arizona Diamondbacks last season and was recently released by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Walsh explained further in a message to The Post how she and her husband had juggled her maternity leave and the babies’ arrival in late January.

“Since I had a high-risk pregnancy, Matt and I decided to have the twins in Florida to be close to family,” she wrote. “As my maternity leave was coming to an end, and my return-to-work schedule was confirmed, we moved the family back to Connecticut on Tuesday, April 25, only to find out hours later in the early morning of Wednesday, April 26, that I was laid off.”

A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed for The Post that all of those laid off were told April 26, when news of the layoffs began to trickle out, and that contract employees continue to be paid.

This post has been updated with Walsh’s comment.