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Mets player explains how a sex toy in his locker ended up on team’s Twitter account

Kevin Plawecki high-fives teammmate Jose Reyes after a win last month. (Nick Wass/Associated Press)

It’s been an awkward 24 hours for New York Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki, who appears to have been the butt of a joke played by someone in the team’s locker room Friday. Whether intentional or not, the joke went viral late after the Mets’ official Twitter account posted a photo showing a rather unexpected item in the 26-year-old’s locker: a sex toy. (You can view the original tweet here; it was later deleted by the team.)

Although the tweet was supposed to be showcasing the great night of Plawecki’s teammate T.J. Rivera, who hit his first homer in Friday’s 8-7 win over the Miami Marlins, fans quickly spotted the NSFW item in the background and called it out.

“Can y’all explain???” one asked.

Another wondered: “What is going on in the Mets’ locker room?”

Fans weren’t the only ones with questions either. On Saturday, ahead of the Mets’ 11-3 win over the Marlins, reporters sought answers, too, and they got them.

“There are some good pranksters on this team,” Plawecki said (via the Associated Press).

He called the ordeal “definitely awkward” and “weird,” but admitted, “it is kind of funny.”

And just in case there was still any confusion about his view on the toy itself, he added for good measure: “I’ve got nothing to do with it… I didn’t know about it. It’s not mine. Nothing to do with that thing.”

And also: “By no means does it reflect who I am as a person.”

It remains unclear who the perpetrator of the prank was, but Pawlecki’s said he’s not interested in finding out. He said the adult toy had absconded from the locker room. The rest of the team also appears content to leave this joke in the past, but not without maybe cracking at least one more line about it.

“This going out with that other photo?” Manager Terry Collins asked a person who had taken his photograph at a pregame press conference Saturday. “Just wanted to make sure.”