Oh Cardinals. (Erik S. Lesser/EPA)

The St. Louis Cardinals are giving away replica 1967 World Series rings on May 17, which seems like a pretty good MLB giveaway as MLB giveaways go. But the team botched the rollout with a lazily sexist tweet that declared “you love baseball, she loves jewelry.”

The tweet, which has been taken down, also included a short video that shows a woman gazing at the replica ring while wearing it, much in the way some women gaze at their engagement rings. Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky was able to screengrab the tweet before the Cardinals erased it.

We’re still trying to determine where this tweet ranks on the “Football 101 for Women” scale, but in the meantime the Cardinals probably (hopefully?) have figured out that many women don’t take kindly to being marketed to in such a stereotypical way.