The U.S. Postal Service wants you to have a ball. (Images courtesy United States Postal Service)

If this doesn’t help make the U.S. Postal Service cool again, nothing will.

The good people who deliver the mail have come up with a pretty sweet new Forever stamp design that features something for every sports fan. There’s a football, basketball, golf ball, kickball (A kickball? Hmmmm. They can’t all be winners.), baseball, tennis ball, soccer ball and volleyball. Sorry, hockey lovers, there’s no puck.

Which would be cool enough as it is, but the Postal Service has added a wrinkle: These actually feel authentic because texture has been added during the printing process.

The baseball stamp, for instance, would be just the thing for, say, adding a little chin music to that Dear John letter you’ve been meaning to snail mail, provided you can wait until the stamps are issued June 14 in a ceremony at the U.S. Open.

Doesn’t this just make you want to mail something?