James Harden was barely a factor in a season-ending loss for the Rockets. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

James Harden’s rough stretch continued Monday, with reports that he has been sued by Moses Malone Jr. for allegedly paying several men to attack and rob the son of the late Hall of Fame center. Since June, when the incident occurred, Malone has contended that he angered Harden with a Facebook post critical of the Rockets star.

According to KRIV, Malone’s lawsuit accuses Harden of paying a group of men $20,000 to assault him at a strip club. A lawyer for Harden told the station, “I am totally comfortable that the allegations are untrue. Unfortunately, I am afraid this is just another example of people shopping for a deep pocket when they find that the people actually responsible have no money.”

Four men were charged in the attack, which took place around 2:30 a.m. outside the club in Houston. According to court records, Malone, who picked the men out of a lineup, said they robbed him of about $15,000 in jewelry, plus his cellphone, car keys and a credit card, while beating him and flashing guns.

Malone told authorities that the men were yelling at him that he had angered Harden with his Facebook post and would be punished for it. Malone had written on the website that Harden was exploiting children by charging them $249 to attend his basketball camp.

Apart from Malone’s accusations, no information has been made public that connects Harden to the attack. The all-star guard has not been charged, and a representative for the club said last year that he didn’t think Harden had anything to do with it.

A lawyer for Malone had claimed that, shortly after the Facebook post, “close friends” of Harden texted his client to ask, “Why did you do that?” Harden was reportedly subpoenaed for a deposition in the case in November.

Harden is widely considered a favorite to be named the NBA’s MVP for his work in the regular season, but he suffered an ignominious end last week to his playoff run. In a second-round series against the Spurs, Harden submitted a disastrous, head-scratching performance in Game 6, as San Antonio easily closed out the series on Houston’s court.

(H/T The Big Lead)