Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made the grade with one fan on Friday. (Ron Jenkins/Associated Press)

Forget urging kids to work hard and stay in school. Aaron Rodgers just helped one group of students avoid some educational responsibilities on Friday.

It all started with a tweet from Peyton Meyer, a student at Janesville (Wis.) Consolidated School District, who pleaded with Rodgers to retweet a picture of his sports literature class, which would allow Meyer and his classmates to skip their final exam.

Less than 30 minutes later, Rodgers granted Meyer’s wish. That was fast.

The prayer hands emoji continued, thanks to a very thankful Meyer.

Ironically, Meyer credited his teacher Laura Roberts for giving him the idea to tweet at Rodgers.

“We were talking about the news in sports like we do every day, and she mentioned that a student at another school tweeted at Kobe [Bryant],” Meyer told ESPN on Friday. “We asked if we could do the same, and we know she loves Aaron, so that’s why we picked him.”

The scenario involving Bryant happened Thursday, when a high school senior in Indiana named William Pate posted a picture of himself shaking hands with his teacher, noting that they agreed if Pate could get Bryant to retweet his post, he would get out of his final exam.

Bryant didn’t grant Pate’s wish as fast as Rodgers did for Meyer on Friday, but within a few hours, the former Los Angeles Lakers star got the message.

And Pate was pumped.

Who needs reading, writing and arithmetic when you have social media?