Bill Simmons, the former ESPN yakker, learned a very important lesson Wednesday night. If you come at the Milwaukee Bucks, bring your A game because Mallory Edens is waiting for you.

Edens is the daughter of Bucks co-owner Wesley Edens and became a viral Internet sensation during the 2014 draft lottery when the Bucks landed the No. 2 pick that became Jabari Parker. A year later, she was suffering no fools when she called out an NBA writer who had written that she would “one day be somebody’s trophy GF.” She fired back in a tweet: “so just for clarity, common thread that underwrites ‘trophy’ wife, daughter, and ‘GF’ is women = possessions, right?” She earned an apology.

On Wednesday, it was Simmons’s turn to step up to the plate. A day after Bucks general manager John Hammond resigned to take the same position with Orlando, Simmons tweeted at Edens, now 21, that the Bucks “should have hired me in 2008. There’s still time.”

Well, no, there isn’t and Edens was having none of it. She gently pointed out that she “might need to see an updated pitch. A lot has changed since 2008.” And then came the zinger: His old line about how he could “always go back to ESPN if I got canned.”


Simmons, of course, parted with ESPN two years ago and is now the chief executive of the Ringer, with his TV career uncertain after the cancellation of his HBO show. He had a comeback for Edens, although it was rather weak. “This is very true — even the color of my hair is different.”

The Bucks added their two cents, too.

We can’t wait to see what she tweets at the draft next month.