LaVar Ball has practically courted criticism when it comes to how he handles his basketball sons. And while he might be terrible, at least he doesn’t appear to be as downright mean as this Russian momager of three MMA fighters, who busted into the cage to berate and slap her son after he lost his fight Thursday.

Anna Azovskaya pretty much disqualified herself from all mother of the year awards forever with her actions against son Viktor Kichigin, which came after Ruslan Yamanbaev TKO’d him during the FNG 67 MMA event in Yetaterinburg, Russia.

Kichigin, whose two brothers, Georgy and Grigoriy, are also trained and managed by Azovskaya, didn’t appear to take kindly to his mother slapping him. The 22-year-old walked out of the cage before the referee could raise the arm of his opponent.

This left only Azovskaya there in his place looking salty while the referee declared her son’s opponent the winner.

“This is not pretty,” the announcers said of the incident.

While Azovskaya may be a new name to most Americans, to Russian fight fans, she’s a celebrity because of her abusive, er, intense tactics.

In her defense (maybe), Azovskaya’s life has not been easy. She lost her husband and her parents almost two decades ago after she had relocated with her family to Russia from Uzbekistan, a former Soviet Socialist Republic.

“Since then, my children and I moved across Russia about 15 times,” she recently told “My sons began to grow, as did conflicts with other boys, so I began to tell them that we must learn to fight. … Men must fight!”

Azovskaya admitted she can be hard on her sons, but said she believes she’s ultimately a benefit.

“Many athletes would like to have their loved ones next to them during difficult times, but it’s not a possibility for many,” she said. “So I believe my children are lucky because I am always there to support them and help.”

She added: “I know many people are envious of my children — they just won’t admit it.”

(H/t: Deadspin)