Terry Selwood was enjoying an ordinary day on the waters of Australia, hoping to land some snappers, when a great white shark made an appearance, leaping into his boat and injuring the 73-year-old fisherman.

Selwood was less than a mile offshore, fishing in 40-foot water near Evans Head in New South Wales, when the shark seemingly reenacted an encounter from “Jaws.”

“I just caught a blur coming in the corner of me eye,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “Just out of instinct, I threw me right arm up, and this thing hit me in the forearm and spun me around and knocked me off me feet, and I fell on the floor on me hands and knees. This thing was beside me and I looked over and said, ‘Oh, a bloody shark.’ ”

Selwood said he jumped to the side of his 15-foot boat to elude the shark, which was nearly nine feet long and weighed 440 pounds. “I didn’t want to give it a chance to look in my eye,” he told ABC. “I wanted to get on top of the gunwale because it was thrashing around madly.”

When he got to the gunwale, he looked down and recalled, “I said, ‘Well, I’ll be buggered. There’s a shark in me boat.’ ”

Selwood, who initially thought his arm was broken, was cut by the shark’s rough skin and, because he is on blood thinners, he was bleeding profusely. The Marine Rescue Unit took Selwood to a hospital and returned to the boat, where it discovered a shark that had expired. There was initial skepticism about Selwood’s story, but he told ABC that he was using a hand line and added, “that’s too big for me to pull in on a hand line.” The shark was so big that the Department of Primary Industries used a forklift to take it away for further study.

Asked how long he has been fishing, Selwood estimated that it had been as long as he has been married — 50 years — and promised to get back out “as soon as I can.” And how quickly did he move when he saw the beast?

“Flash Gordon wouldn’t have caught me.”