For most people with an interest in the NBA, Thursday was all about Game 1. But for Russell Westbrook, it was all about “Sister Act 2.”

Gee, why would he not have wanted to watch Kevin Durant drop 38 points on the Cavaliers, as the Warriors kicked off the Finals with an easy win?

Well, whatever the reason, the Thunder guard was … okay, we can all think of at least one pretty good reason Westbrook might have preferred Whoopi Goldberg over Golden State. Just to spell it out, Westbrook was none too pleased when Durant went from helping him give the Warriors all they could handle in last years’s Western Conference finals to defecting to the other side in free agency.

So it wasn’t a total shock to see Westbrook use social media to tell the world that he was skipping Cavs-Warriors in favor of the 1993 sequel subtitled, “Back in the Habit.” In fairness, though, the six-time all-star apparently really does like the film, to judge from the way he was singing along.

Before Game 1, none other than the Golden State’s star’s mother, Wanda Durant, acknowledged that the relationship between her son and Westbrook, who played together for eight seasons in OKC, “seems a little off-kilter.” But she added, “I really believe they’re gonna work it out.”

Meanwhile, Westbrook, a leading contender this year for the NBA MVP honors that Durant won in 2014, seems content to sing rather than watch his former teammate go for that long-awaited ring. If nothing else, Westbrook could take solace in proving wrong a certain well-known sports pundit.