A 10-year-old baseball player from New Jersey is making the Internet rounds after he successfully executed a move not even an MLB all-star could pull off. To avoid a tag at home plate, Salvatore Catanzaro of Wood-Ridge, N.J.’s “Legit Baseball Club” did a butterfly twist over his opponent then scrambled back to score. The umpire emphatically declared him safe.

Thanks in part to Catanzaro’s acrobatic efforts, Legit went on to beat the Longwood Lions, 12-8, in their National Youth Baseball Championships qualifier on Long Island, according to MLB.com, one of the numerous national media outlets to take notice of Catanzaro’s efforts this week. (USA Today also applauded the 10-year-old by making a video using an oversized emoji.)

(Image via Twitter)

It’s likely that part of the reason Catanzaro’s move is going viral is because he did what Pittsburgh Pirates star Andrew McCutchen couldn’t quite do on Sunday against the Miami Marlins. Up 3-0, McCutchen tried to score an additional run in the sixth inning by leaping over J.T. Realmuto, but it didn’t quite work.

The Pirates would still go on to win, 3-1, but McCutchen had some regrets about the move.

“Just lucky I didn’t get hurt,” McCutchen said after the game (via MLB.com). “I tried to process the play. Good throw, he’s going to turn and be here, and I’ll be over him. I don’t know. I’m lucky I didn’t hurt myself.”