They won’t be knights in shining armor, but they will be knights in gray, gold, red and black.

The Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL’s newest expansion team, unveiled the uniforms for their inaugural season on Wednesday at the Las Vegas sign.

And there seemed to be a consensus, based on reaction on Twitter, about the outfit: It. Is. Hideous.

The uniform’s black, gold and gray color scheme was inspired by West Point’s color schemes. The Golden Knights’ majority owner, Bill Foley, is a West Point graduate, and he wanted black, gold and gray — the same colors Army’s teams use — to be part of the color scheme.

“Bill Foley is a West Point guy, sort of using those colors,” Golden Knights General Manager George McPhee said. “You know his history at West Point. You know about the classmates he had that he lost serving this country. So, those colors mean a lot to us, and will mean a lot to our players. And we’re really proud of the logo. It’s clean, it’s symmetrical, it’s kind of bold, and again it stands for something.”

The jersey will have the Golden Knights main logo in the middle of the jersey, their secondary logo on the shoulders and the word “Vegas” stitched on the red collar, inside of the jersey.

“The goal was to create this logo and uniform based on strength and power,” Foley said Tuesday. “It represents going forward, never giving up and it represents Las Vegas and Nevada in a positive way. I thought we did a really good job.”

The Golden Knights also revealed a jersey with a white, gray, gold and red color scheme. The gray jersey will be the home jersey; the white jersey will be away.

With the NHL expansion draft today, Las Vegas will finally have 30 knights to wear the jersey.