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Tom Brady squares off against a sumo wrestler and it goes about the way you’d expect

If there’s one way to make Tom Brady feel comfortable while traveling abroad, it’s to put him in the company of the kind of gigantic men he’s accustomed to being protected by on the New England Patriots’ offensive line.

So, when a promotional tour of Asia took him to Tokyo, he visited the Sakaigawa sumo stable and, for some reason, felt compelled to go up against one of the wrestlers. He entered the dohyo ring and engaged in “butsukari geiko” with Goeido, according to

There was much pushing, very little of it successful on the part of the quarterback, who was at a massive weight disadvantage.

Still, it yielded some pretty cool photos.

If it’s any consolation, Brady was facing Goeido, the 31-year-old winner of last September’s Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament. “He has a lot of explosive power,” Goeido said kindly. “I feel energized. It’s stimulating to have an opportunity to come in contact with athletes from a different sport.”

It looks like Brady probably fared a little better against his son, Jack.

Is it football season yet?