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President Trump angers golf fans by driving golf cart on green. He apparently does this a lot.

President Trump angered golf fans this week when a video emerged of him doing what they consider the unthinkable — he drove his golf cart all over a green at the golf club where the women’s U.S. Open will be held next month.

It must be noted the name of the course in Bedminster, N.J., is Trump National Golf Club, so it’s not like Trump was committing golf’s biggest sin on just anybody’s course, but for some fans, that he owned the place doesn’t matter.

What’s the opposite of a golf clap? These tweets.

It’s unclear whether Trump knew he was violating one of the unwritten (and actually, most of the time it is written down) rules of the game when he took to the course the weekend of June 9. But if he did realize his faux pas, he didn’t acknowledge it to the golf club patrons who caught him on tape.

Trump rolled his golf cart off the green and right up to them, where he ended up complaining he was playing “well until this hole.” It’s unclear what hole Trump had just played, as well as how many he had already completed.

This is not the first time Trump has been caught on camera driving on one of his golf course’s greens. According to Ken Bass, who said he’s a former member of Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., Trump regularly drives on the greens there. In early June at this course, which is located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Trump reportedly drove on the green while playing with retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

Bass added that to his knowledge, “No member of the Club is allowed to drive a cart on the green, even if they are handicapped.”

Trump is on pace to play more golf per year than any previous president. Less than halfway into his first year as president, Trump has taken more than 23 trips to play golf. In comparison, Obama, whom Trump frequently criticized for playing golf too often, played golf an average of 41 times a year, according to the Hill.