President Trump has been on the cover of several magazines, but he was not on a March 1, 2009, edition of Time magazine. That’s because, as The Post’s David Fahrenthold uncovered Tuesday, there was no edition of Time magazine from that date. But who cares? Trump certainly didn’t seem to. Regardless of the cover’s lack of veracity, he has it prominently displayed in at least four of the golf clubs he owns.

Well, now Sports Illustrated is offering Trump — and anyone else who’s got a knack for Photoshop — a chance to grace another fake cover.  On Tuesday, SI (which is owned by Time Inc.) tweeted a blank cover featuring the headline “Top 10 NFL Draft Picks.”

“We won’t tell anyone it’s fake,” the magazine captioned the tweet, adding a winking emoji for good measure.

The Internet worked fast on this one, too. Just minutes after Sports Illustrated posted the joke, someone responded, placing on the cover a photo of Trump playing tennis years ago that went viral last week.

Somehow, we’re doubting this one will end up on the walls of any of his golf clubs.