Fourteen years ago, 10-year-old Larry Nance Jr. exchanged letters as part of a pen pal program with U.S. soldier Bianca Snow, who was stationed overseas. Nance, now a 24-year-old forward with the Los Angeles Lakers, never met Snow, but he might get the chance to do so this season after she reached out to him on Twitter to share just how much his letters meant to her at the time.

“Those letters got me thru,” Snow wrote on Facebook in 2014. On Friday, Snow tweeted at Nance and posted photos of a couple of the letters she saved.

“It always meant alot,” she wrote. “Glad your dreams came tru.”

In the first letter, dated March 19, 2003, Nance mentioned his dad’s NBA career and being annoyed by his two siblings.

Dear U.S. Soldier,
My name is Larry Nance. I have 1 sister, 1 brother that annoy me all the time. My dad played in the NBA.
Thank you for fighting for us in the war. You must be brave and miss your family.
I hope you get home soon and see your family soon. Good luck.
Larry Nance

In the second letter, which is undated but references an NBA playoff series and the NBA draft in late April 2003, Nance says he hopes his dad’s former team, the Cavaliers, draft LeBron James and mentions his love for the Lakers. Twelve years later, the Lakers would select Nance with the 27th pick of the first round out of Wyoming.

Dear U.S. Soldier. Is the war almost over? Where is Saddam? How are you? I’m fine. Thank you for writing back. Where are you?
Are you good at basketball? I like the Lakers too they are wining there series with the Timberwolves. Who is your favorite player? Mine is Shaq. Who do you want to get LeBron James? I want the Cavs to get LeBron, that is because my dad played for the Cavs. His number is retired in the Gund Arena.
And Again Thank you!!
Larry Nance

Nance, who averaged 7.1 points and 5.9 rebounds per game last season, responded to Snow on Twitter and invited her to be his guest at a game this season. Sometimes, social media is great.

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