Move over, Annie Apple, there’s a new NFL mom in town. At least, if that town is Spartanburg, S.C., the site of the Carolina Panthers’ training camp.

That’s where Nicole Samuel showed up to Wofford College in her car Tuesday, all the better to drop off her son Curtis for his first day of camp. The younger Samuel is in his first NFL season, having been the Panthers’ second-round pick in April, and cameras caught him making his way through the parking lot after parting ways with his mother.

According to Panthers reporter Bill Voth, Samuel said that “his mom needed the car, so she’s driving it back.” The 20-year-old wide receiver added that he planned on going to camp with a fellow rookie, first-rounder Christian McCaffrey, but their schedules “didn’t time up.”

Hey, no need to go to any lengths for an explanation, dude, there’s nothing wrong with sharing one of life’s big moments (thus far, at least) with those closest to you. The Ohio State product has made it clear in the past how much he appreciates his mother for helping him become a rare top-flight recruit out of the Big Apple.

”A lot of kids don’t make it out of New York City or Brooklyn just playing sports,” Samuel said last year. ”There’s a bunch of other distractions they get into. My mother kept me levelheaded and on the right path.

“I love her to death for that.”

Apple pulled a similar move last year, when she dropped off her son Eli, a cornerback who also played at Ohio State, at the Giants’ first practice. Samuel didn’t make quite the splash that Apple did around the time her son was getting drafted by New York, but both moms have much of which to be proud.