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Avast ye recruits! These ECU scholarship-offer letters arrrrrr a delight.

There is embracing your school nickname, and then there is what East Carolina football is doing right here with its scholarship-offer letters. It’s some next-level stuff.

(Though it appears that the word “scholarship” is misspelled in the above photos, which if anything adds to the historical accuracy. Pirates were more about raiding and less about spelling.)

College football teams were allowed to start offering scholarships to recruits on Tuesday, so the Pirates did what pirates do: They wrote them out on old-timey scrolls that look like treasure maps, complete with a wax seal showing the East Carolina logo.

According to Stephen Igoe of Hoist the Colours, the letters were the brainchild of Ethan Johnson, the football team’s director of player personnel, and Kevin Slattery, its recruiting quality control coordinator. The program sent out about 30 to recruits on Tuesday.

“The biggest thing that stuck out to us is we’re very unique as the Pirates,” Johnson told Igoe. “With pirates, there’s a lot that encompasses that. Treasure maps, cannons, pirate ships, all sorts of things. When you look around the rest of the country, other programs don’t have all the options we have. A Blue Devil is a Blue Devil. There are only so many things you can do there. The Tigers are the Tigers. You’re limited there. As Pirates, we’re unique and we want to use that.”

Said Slattery: “It’s another thing we can show to the country some of the special things we are doing here. It’s almost like a mini signing day and we want to make sure we show everybody what we’re capable of. We wanted to do something that really embraced the pirate theme. That’s something that we’re trying to do a lot this year and get back into that side of things.”

And the best part is the craftsmanship: Slattery stained each letter with coffee grounds to give it the well-worn look and burned the edge of each piece of paper, with each taking about 45 minutes to complete.

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