If Kobe Bryant’s physique ever lived up to his name, it was to his middle name, “Bean,” in his beanstalk slenderness. Okay, he was actually given it in honor of his father’s nickname, “Jellybean,” but until now, we never had similar cause to be reminded that the former Lakers great was also named after a famed variety of Japanese beef.

On Tuesday, Bryant posted a shirtless photo of himself, one from an Italian vacation that had been originally published by TMZ Sports, and let’s just say that the word “beefy” certainly came to mind.

Of course, that seemed to be the point, as Bryant joked that “objects on camera may appear larger than they do in the mirror,” before hinting at going on a diet by writing, “Gimme 30 days.” Bryant included the hashtag, “#mambathick,” in his post.

Alas, Bryant thought the better of his post and quickly deleted it (unless he’s planing on doing the fashionable thing by claiming he was hacked), replacing it with another post composed of a plain black image, with the caption, “Mamba mode #blackout.”

We’ll see if Bryant stays off social media until Sept. 1, when he might reveal a slimmed-down look. Not that there’s anything with his “dad bod,” especially considering that he’s a 38-year-old father of three.

In the meantime, the Internet was only too happy to take his “Mamba thick” hashtag and run with it.

“Kobe, you’ve got to understand — when you retire, you’ve got to take neck-up pictures,” Steve Smith, a 1998 All-Star Game teammate of Bryant’s, said with a chuckle on NBA TV.

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