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Cris Carter says Ezekiel Elliott suspension is forthcoming. Roger Goodell says it isn’t.

Ezekiel Elliott awaits his fate. (Michael Owen Baker/AP)
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At some point, the NFL will announce what it’s going to do with Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, who has been under league investigation for more than a year over an alleged domestic violence incident involving his ex-girlfriend.

To hear Cris Carter say it, everything is about to be revealed, and it’s going to involve Elliott getting suspended.

Carter never really explained how he obtained this information, but he went on to predict the punishment may have some similarities to Tom Brady’s Deflategate sanctions in that Elliott destroyed evidence.

“We’ve learned a lot in the past two years dealing with the National Football League and its players being involved in altercations. And there’s been a precedent set, not only on the assault and domestic violence side — saying there would be a minimum six games [suspension] on that side — but there was a precedent set with the GOAT in Tom Brady when they suspended him for on-the-field conduct four games. So the brightest star that we have in our game, Tom Brady, they suspended him, and when the information comes out [on Elliott] there’s gonna be some similarities as far as what happened, information that he had been advised possibly to give up that was destroyed. There’s gonna be a number of things that come out that people will be able to determine not only did something happen — who was the person responsible for that — and the precedent’s been set in the league with Tom, with a four-game suspension. … I don’t want to get into what exactly he’s going to get, but from what I’m hearing, based on those two precedents, it will be in that range.”

But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about Carter’s claims on Monday at a Giants season ticket holder forum, and basically called them hogwash.

“I don’t think Cris has anything to do with the decision,” Goodell said, per “No, we haven’t made any decisions yet.”

Prosecutors in Ohio, where the incident took place, declined to press charges after a six-week probe, but the NFL still can dole out a punishment if its investigation finds that Elliott violated the league’s personal-conduct policy. The NFL also has set a six-game suspension as the baseline for domestic violence violations, but Goodell can alter that suspension as he sees fit.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones last week said he does not anticipate that Elliott will get suspended. On Monday, Jones’s son Stephen, Dallas’s executive vice president, said the investigation has taken too long.

“These things are tough for everybody. It’s tough for the league. It’s tough for the team. It’s tough for the player,” Jones said in an interview with the Star-Telegram. “I think, at some point, you should be able to get the information in some sort of time frame that it doesn’t carry on like this particular investigation has.

“So I would hope as a league, just like we do everything else, that we look for ways to get more efficient and to do things in a better way. I’m not being critical.”

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