Team USA’s Shamier Little put everything she had into her quarterfinal heat of the 400-meter hurdles Monday at the IAAF World Championships in London. The 22-year-old finished in 56.18 seconds to advance to the semifinals, but not without leaving a little wreckage behind. She broke the eighth hurdle, and that caught the eye of social media.

Then, after the race — while she was still doubled over and breathless — Lewis Johnson of NBC Sports swooped in. (Click here to watch a clip of the awkward interview.) That caught the eye of social media as well.

Despite being out of breath, Little managed to string some words together. Asked “what happened” at hurdle No. 8, Little said she had jumped using the opposite leg than she’s used to.

“It kind of threw me off,” she added with her head still down. “I was thinking too hard.”

In NBC Sports’ defense, a spokesperson told The Post, that Lewis had asked Shamier “prior to the on air interview” whether she was ready and she said yes. For the record, Shamier has not complained about the interview on social media, although she did comment on her breaking the hurdle.

Awful Announcing appeared to be the first sports blog to pick up the interview, however, and likened it to other “awkward” post-competition talks, including the hotly debated interview NBC’s Christin Cooper conducted with Team USA skier Bode Miller at the 2014 Olympics when she repeatedly asked about the death of Miller’s brother. Miller eventually broke down in tears and walked away.

NBC issued a statement defending Cooper, whom Miller also defended publicly after the incident, noting “it was in our judgment that his answers were a necessary part of the story.”

The criticism of Monday’s interview with Little had more to do with logistics. In any case, NBC Sports will have another chance to interview Little when she runs her semifinal Wednesday.

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