Police in Prince William County, Va., have issued an arrest warrant for Deyvon Newman, the 25-year-old man who they say impersonated NFL wide receiver Lucky Whitehead when he was cited on June 22 for shoplifting $40 worth of goods from a convenience store. Newman, from Woodbridge, has been charged with petit larceny, identity theft and presenting false identification to a law enforcement officer after he gave police Whitehead’s date of birth and social security number (he did not have ID on him at the time of the incident). He is still at large, a Prince William Police spokesman told The Post on Thursday afternoon.

Believing Whitehead was the culprit after comparing photos of the two men, Prince William police issued an arrest warrant for the Manassas native after he failed to appear in court for his July 6 arraignment. On July 24, the Dallas Cowboys released Whitehead, even though police cleared him of the charges soon after. He has since signed with the New York Jets.

As you can see from this side-by-side comparison created by TMZ, the two men do not look all that much alike. Besides the obvious hair difference, Newman has tattoos on his neck while Whitehead does not.

Both Whitehead and his agent blasted the Cowboys for cutting the wide receiver even though he had done nothing wrong. After signing with the Jets, Whitehead told NJ.com that he still didn’t really know why Dallas had released him.

“Explanation?” Whitehead said. “I don’t think I ever got an explanation.”

Said David E. Rich, Whitehead’s agent, in an email to The Washington Post: “We are thrilled that Lucky was vindicated, his good name restored and the charges dropped and warrant rescinded. Rich Sports never doubted his story for a second. He’s family and we were gonna have his back no matter what. I’m very disappointed in how this entire thing was handled from the first story to the authorities in D.C. to the employer. Lucky deserved better. Don’t we all when are surprised [by] an accusation out of left field? And those teammates in Dallas lost a good one … for no reason. There’s gonna be some lucky team in a day or so that gets themselves one hell of a player.”

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