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Someone bet big on Floyd Mayweather as another worrisome Conor McGregor video goes up

Place your large bets. (John Locher/Associated Press)
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The gambling public still really likes Conor McGregor’s chances against Floyd Mayweather in their Aug. 26 boxing match, or at least likes the odds the Irish MMA champion is getting as a heavy, heavy underdog. William Hill’s Nevada sports books have seen 95 percent of the bets come in on McGregor, ESPN’s David Purdum reported Friday, with the books’ McGregor liability well over $1 million.

But then someone stepped up to the window at the South Point Casino and bet $880,000 on Mayweather to even things out a bit.

The bet was so large South Point’s computers got confused. An $880,000 bet on Mayweather as a -550 favorite will give this bettor a $160,000 profit, not the $120,000 as noted on the ticket. As explained by Purdum, South Point’s bookmaking system does not permit payouts of greater than $1 million, hence the smaller amount on that ticket. The sports book rewrote two separate bets for $440,000 each to clear things up.

As to whether making such a massive bet with such a small payout is a wise move, well, to each his own.

Anyway, MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani posted another video of McGregor training Friday evening and, well, um … either he’s playing possum or is in a world of trouble.

As far as we know, the two pieces of news in this story are completely unrelated.

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