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Minor league baseball team’s ‘Alternative Facts Night’ promises ‘bigly home runs’

A minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania has decided to will have some fun at President Trump’s expense. On Friday, the Erie SeaWolves, a Class AA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, will host its first “Alternative Facts Night,” and the exaggerated claims are already streaming in.

The team made sure to give a nod to Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway, who coined the now-infamous term in January when she tried to defend false claims made by former White House press secretary Sean Spicer about the number of people who attended Trump’s inauguration. (Spicer claimed more people attended than actually did.)

Alternative fact: Conway is slated to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, the team stated.

Actual fact: The promotional night appears to be going over well with many fans online, with several dozen lauding the team for its creativity.

Also actual fact: Not everyone is so pleased. While Trump hasn’t tweeted anything negative about the promotion, others have, with many claiming politics should stay out of baseball. And the SeaWolves understand that point of view but have made quite clear they don’t agree with it in their responses to the naysayers.

For those who do show up on Friday, they’ll be in for an interesting experience. The first 1,000 attendees will get a 2016 Eastern League championship ring to celebrate what one can only assume was the alternative championship considering the SeaWolves won it with a purported 142-0 record. (In the actual Eastern League last season, the SeaWolves finished with a losing record of 69-72 and made it nowhere near the actual championship game.)

The team also plans to involve the other side of the political aisle in its Friday night promotion. The team’s printed out hundreds of “confidential Hillary [Clinton] emails” that it plans to break out at UPMC Park.

And, of course, there’ll be a “basket of deplorables.”

If you’re anywhere near Erie and wish to attend, you better get to the ballpark quickly. The line looks out of control.

Just kidding, of course. That photo of the SeaWolves line is actually an aerial photograph taken of the city of Cleveland during the 2016 victory parade held for the Cavaliers after they won the NBA Finals. The person who tweeted that photo on Friday likely didn’t choose it randomly. Earlier this week, several Trump supporters, including popular right-wing radio host Laura Ingraham, posted the image online and incorrectly identified it as the crowd outside of a Trump rally held in Phoenix.

Friday’s game against the Akron RubberDucks (actual team name!) begins at 7:05 p.m. EST.

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