It’s the first full Saturday of the college football season. Teams still are shaking off the rust. Take Wyoming punter Tim Zaleski here, trying to kill the clock late in the first half of Saturday’s game at Iowa:

The Hawkeyes would score on their first play from scrimmage following Zaleski’s whiff, giving them a 14-3 lead that they carried into halftime.

The Maryland-Texas game was full of all sorts of wackiness, including the Terps getting an extra point waved off because they had two No. 57s on the field.

Moving on, Bowling Green’s Brandon Harris got a little too excited early on against Michigan State:

And here we have the Clemson marching band, which decided to spend halftime of its game against poor Kent State by trolling Ohio State, for some reason. Kent State is located in Ohio, I guess, and I’m going to guess Ohio State fans make up a sizable portion of its student body. Anyway, the Tigers beat the Buckeyes in last season’s College Football Playoff semifinals. Try to guess the final score: