Lonzo Ball’s teammates would be wise to play some Nas in the locker room. (Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA Today Sports)

Superstitious Lakers fans might want to brace themselves. The Curse of The BasedGod could be coming to them next, courtesy of rapper Lil B, who apparently took issue with comments Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball made about legendary hip-hop star Nas.

Ball’s comment came during an episode of his family’s online reality show, “Ball in the Family,” which has been airing on Facebook. When sitting down for an interview, a voice off camera said, “That’s the goal for the next two months while we do this. We’re gonna get Zo listening to some real hip-hop.”

“That’s not gonna happen,” Ball replied. “Y’all outdated man. Don’t nobody listen to Nas no more. Real hip-hip is Migos, Future.”

S1:E1 Bittersweet Victory

Meet LaVar, Tina, and their three boys born to go pro. Under fire from the media, LaVar and the whole family follow Lonzo to New York for Draft Day, but one special person can’t make the trip.

Posted by Ball In The Family on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Enter Lil B, aka The BasedGod. The Oakland, Calif., rapper apparently didn’t appreciate the 19-year-old’s remark, perhaps because just last week at the MTV Video Music Awards, Lil B announced plans to collaborate with Nas. And so Lil B used Twitter to give a stern warning to the Lakers rookie, whom he first mistakenly referred to as Ball’s infamously outspoken father, LaVar.

To the unfamiliar, this might all sound like balderdash, but to NBA fans, the curse of The BasedGod is very real.

Lil B first put his curse on Kevin Durant in 2011, which some say kept the all-star from winning the NBA Finals for six years. Lil B, however, lifted the curse on Durant last summer when Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors, Lil B’s favorite team. Coincidence? Durant went on to win his first NBA title with the team.

Then there was Lil B’s curse on James Harden. Lil B put his curse on the Houston Rockets star in 2015 after he alleged Harden began using his signature “stir the pot” celebration dance without crediting him. Coincidence? Harden went on to commit an NBA single-game playoff record 13 turnovers in pivotal playoff game against the Warriors. The next season, Houston had a  substandard 41-41 record.

Unlike Lakers fans now, Rockets fans can breath easy. Lil B lifted his curse on Harden in June. We’ll see how Harden and the Rockets get on this season when it kicks off next month.

For now, though, Ball might want to brush up on his knowledge of Nas. After the last couple of season, the Lakers need all the help they can get.

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