Le’Veon Bell may be getting a Dairy Queen gig after all.

While waiting to sign the franchise tender, the Pittsburgh Steelers running back playfully filled out an application at Dairy Queen, saying in a video that he was “jobless right now.” Technically, he wasn’t. He’d said all along that he’d report Sept. 1 and sign his $12.1 million franchise tender Sept. 4.

Both were accomplished, but he was serious about the Dairy Queen thing, shooting the company a private message on Twitter, and it has nothing to do with delicious Dilly Bars. He used to eat at DQ all the time as a kid.  “I get the Reese’s Blizzard and I add cookie dough,” he told ESPN.

By Monday, his love for DQ had mushroomed into a possible endorsement deal. “We’re still in the midst of it right now, but they are obviously interested after what happened with the buzz surrounding it,” Bell said. “I’m excited about it. I love Dairy Queen. . . . It’s still in the negotiation stage right now.”

As for now, he’s focused on football and the Steelers’ opener Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

“Football is more than just a sport. There’s a business behind it,” Bell told ESPN. “There are no hard feelings. Everyone’s happy. . . . Maybe next year something happens. But I’m worried about this year.”

Bell has a long way to go to match Delonte West in the side gig department, though. When he was locked out of his primary job as an NBA player in 2011, West looked into positions at Home Depot and Sam’s Club (in the knives department) while working on a rap album. He eventually landed a gig at Regency Furniture Showrooms — a Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia chain — to “stay afloat during the lockout.”

Furniture might be worth more, but working at DQ is definitely a sweeter deal.

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