Ryen Russillo is back on the air after his arrest last month. (Mike Windle/Getty Images for ESPN)

Ryen Russillo returned to his ESPN radio show from his suspension Tuesday, apologizing for his arrest last month and acknowledging that it’s something that will trail him for years to come whenever he criticizes an athlete for his behavior.

“It’s all on me. There is no one else,” he said on “The Ryen Russillo Show” after serving a suspension for his Aug. 23 arrest. Russillo, described as “highly intoxicated” by authorities, was arrested on a misdemeanor criminal trespass charge after he entered the wrong condo in Jackson, Wyo., and refused to leave.

Russillo, who has either hosted or co-hosted the afternoon radio show since 2009, admitted that he’s going to hear about his arrest, even whether he’s merely the butt of jokes or the target of sarcastic retorts.

“I know, for years, I’m gonna have to own this and wear it because if I say, ‘[Joe] Flacco’s having a hard time finding his receivers,’ you’re gonna say three years from now, ‘Just like you in hotel rooms,'” Russillo said. “So, that’s the price that I pay as a public figure. I understand it. But again, I’m sorry.”

Saying, “trust me, I get it,” Russillo said he deserved the week-long suspension for embarrassing ESPN and himself.

“There are people here that love me, and there are people that are like, ‘Maybe, I’m not sure about that guy. I’m not sure that I get it,'” Russillo said. “I think all the people that have been arguing for me, and me feeling like the underdog, and finally getting my name, and all these things that have happened the last 12 years here, I don’t want those people in the room that have been fighting for me to give up on me or to feel like I have — because I have let them down.

“So, I’m sorry to them. I’m sorry to my family that’s been asked about this nonstop. And I’m sorry to my friends, and even though I make a ton of jokes about not having any friends, I’ve heard from so many of you guys after the fact. It meant a ton. It helped me because I was super depressed, especially that first week.”

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