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NFL Mexico apologizes for tweet linking earthquake with Chiefs’ win over Patriots

Soldiers stand guard near a hotel in Matias Romero, Oaxaca State, which collapsed in the earthquake that struck Mexico. (Victoria Razo/AFP/Getty Images)

NFL Mexico apologized Friday for a suggestion made the night before on its Twitter account that the Chiefs’ upset of the Patriots resulted in an earthquake. At least 58 people were killed when an 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico, and it caused major damage in the country’s southern states.

The earthquake was also felt further north in Mexico City, where the NFL has staged two regular season games, including one last year, and where the Patriots are set to take on the Raiders in November. Following Kansas City’s 42-27 win Thursday at New England, which marked the first time in 82 games the Pats lost at home after leading at halftime, NFL Mexico tweeted out this message in Spanish, accompanied by three laughing emoji:

“Those times Mexico City shakes with an earthquake because it can’t believe the Chiefs have won the #Kickoff2017 game.”

The tweet was subsequently deleted, and on Friday, NFL Mexico’s Twitter account posted the following message in Spanish: “NFL Mexico apologizes for yesterday’s unacceptable tweet, which does not represent the values of the league. We reiterate our solidarity with Mexico.”

The NFL is popular in Mexico, with the Raiders having a particularly devoted following. Oakland was involved in the 2016 game, defeating the Houston Texans, 27-20, at Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca.

According to The Post’s Joshua Partlow, the earthquake was felt by approximately 50 million people in Mexico, and its magnitude made it that country’s largest in the past 100 years. Mexico City and other major urban areas emerged mostly unscathed, although more than 1 million people lost power, at least temporarily.

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