Hey, doesn’t that look like Le’Veon Bell? (Ed Rieker/AP Images for Dairy Queen)

Okay, so maybe the curls on his cones weren’t perfect and the playbook for the Blizzards took a little time to master, but Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell didn’t fumble a handoff when he headed to “work” at a Pittsburgh Dairy Queen on his day off from football Tuesday.

It was all part of something Bell did as a lark while he was sitting out training camp rather than sign his franchise tender with the Steelers. He confessed to a lifelong love of DQ and video of him filling out a job application went viral.

Told in a reply to direct-message Dairy Queen because “we’re always looking for top talent to join our team,” Bell did just that because, as he told KDKA, “at the time I was technically jobless.” So on Tuesday, he settled in at the New Kensington DQ, concocting Blizzards aplenty and hand-dipped cones that were a little trickier than he anticipated.

The Post-Gazette’s Sean Gentille reports that the Blizzard wasn’t easy because it requires mastery of a pedal and, Gentille writes, “there’s shrapnel to mind.” (Respect to the Blizzard artisans.) Bell, who admits to loving Blizzards, said, “This was a lot harder and a lot tougher than I thought, I’ll tell you that and I’m sweating a little bit. Y’all see me sweating?”

He needed a little coaching first on the whole dipping thing and there was one complaint (perhaps from a fantasy football enthusiast dissatisfied with Bell’s 32-yard performance on 10 carries Sunday) about the quality of an Oreo Blizzard, a gripe registered in a futile attempt to get Bell back to the drive-through  window. “Hey, this ice cream is runny,” the customer said. “Who made this?”

Overall, it seemed to go reasonably smoothly and with a curt “I need a Dilly to go,” he was off.

“It’s way harder than I thought it was going to be,” Bell said. “I think everybody’s job is different. I don’t think this job is any easier than my job, and I don’t think my job is any easier than their job.”

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