It’s a message that has appeared on the scoreboard during every home game for the past three years. But Saturday, the University of Pittsburgh’s routine offer of a free beverage to students who stayed for the whole game went viral because it just so happened to come during a blowout 59-21 loss to Oklahoma State.

The offer was not a bribe to get students to stay specifically for Saturday’s loss, however, Pitt officials said.

“This is the third year students have been provided free beverages at the conclusion of home games,” Pitt Athletic Department spokesman E.J. Borghetti told The Post in an email. “It was an initiative that came out of discussions with our student groups and geared to give them the best and most enjoyable game day experiences at Heinz.”

Winning the game, of course, probably would’ve been more fun, especially for those not into weird sodas. According to Varun Kumar, a current Pitt student, the free beverage Saturday was a bizarrely flavored Mountain Dew.

But at least it wasn’t this.

Pitt’s next home game is scheduled for Sept. 30. It’ll take on Rice and, hopefully for Panthers fans, Pitt’s beverage offer won’t have reason to go viral.

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