A star is born. (Chris Lee/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)

The sports world gained a new celebrity Monday night, thanks to a foul ball, a messy plate of nachos and Chicago Cubs star Addison Russell, whose failed effort to catch the wayward ball inadvertently birthed “Nacho Man.”

Andrew Gudermuth, the 21-year-old St. Louis Cardinals fan who was dubbed Nacho Man after Russell accidentally knocked his snack to the ground, was quick to embrace his viral fame. Amid signing autographs in cheese on a child’s chest and taking selfies with fans (including Russell apparently, who ended up bringing Gudermuth a new plate of nachos), Gudermuth fielded questions from numerous reporters and changed his Twitter account to reflect his new nickname.

Not everyone was happy about the amount of attention Nacho Man got, however, including Cubs pitcher Jon Lester, who only half-jokingly attributed America’s fascination with its cheesy new hero to the state of our society.

“I’m laughing more at the fact that the guy is taking pictures and signing autographs,” Lester said after the game (via the Chicago Tribune), sounding a little salty, like a chip. “I really don’t know what he did. A guy fell into him and he got nacho cheese on his arm and now he’s taking pictures and signing autographs. … I guess that shows you where our society is right now with all that stuff.”

Gudermuth wasn’t having it, however. Using his newfound fame, Nacho Man clapped back Tuesday, noting the incident ran much deeper than a slick coating of melty cheese.

“You forgot to add the part where [Russell] speared my girlfriend into a chair,” he said, seemingly trying to stir up some beef.

Lester most likely won’t respond, so the beef will probably just wind up on Gudermuth’s next plate of nachos.

The Cubs, who beat the Cardinals, 10-2, on Monday, are scheduled to face the team again Tuesday.

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