The idea seemed logical enough. With Bob Corker announcing that he would not run for reelection to the Senate from Tennessee, Peyton Manning’s name came up as a possible candidate.

And why not? He is beloved in the Volunteer State, where he played in college; he has been linked to Republican events, such as the Republican retreat earlier this year; and he played a little golf with President Trump and Corker this summer at Trump’s Virginia course. Besides, ever since he retired, people have been bugging him about what he’ll do for an encore.

Evidently it won’t be politics. Although athletes change their minds all the time, Manning was pretty clear how much consideration he’d give the idea.

“Zero consideration. It’s funny. I said this a while back. Somebody said I was going to go run a team,’’ Manning said in an interview with WGFX radio. “Somebody said I was going to go be a broadcaster. Now they’re saying I might be a senator. Next week I’m going to be an astronaut.

“Look, I certainly have an interest in politics and in our country. I just have zero interest in being a politician.”

Manning retired after the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 in 2016 and since then he has been busy making money. “I really enjoy right now selling pizza and insurance,’’ he said. “I am a volunteer assistant on my son’s … football team. I’m trying to get a few pass plays in our offense right now … we only have running plays. I told the coach I cannot be involved with a team that has no pass plays.’’

Manning also confessed that he probably wouldn’t have retired from football if he’d known everyone was going to ask incessantly what he planned to do next. For now, he’s learning about everyday life, such as dropping his twins off at school. “Carpool is a lot of pressure,’’ Manning said. “The other day I dropped my kids off at 7:35 and they can’t be there until 7:50. I got an email from the principal saying, ‘Hey, get your stuff together, Manning: 7:50, not 7:35.’ So I screwed that up.’’

Corker, who announced Tuesday that he would not seek a third term, told the Associated Press that Manning had texted him to ask that he not “fan the flames.” “Is there a chance down the road that he can be enticed to run for the United States Senate or something like that? I hope so,” Corker said.

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