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Kapler, who played 12 years in the majors, is the Dodgers' director of player development.

The WNBA and Olympics star tells her story in a Players' Tribune essay.

The reaction to the ugly comment is overshadowed by a great game, but animosity toward the owner lingers.

See? “The optimism of it is we are 5-3,” he said. “The negative of it is that we are 5-3."

It turns out that the man and woman are in-laws, but it was a disconcerting scene for many TV viewers.

As a meeting to which Kaepernick was said to have been invited is canceled, lawyers for the free agent quarterback complain that he has been excluded from the ongoing dialogue.

Most of the Houston players had taken a knee during the national anthem in protest of Texans owner Bob McNair's inflammatory comments.

McElwain was 3-4 in his third season with the Gators, and had reportedly rendered his job more tenuous by making unsubstantiated claims about death threats to players and their families.

The rookie allegedly accosted a woman who was delivering food to his house.

Let the rumors fly ahead of the NFL's trade deadline Tuesday.

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