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“I meant no disrespect to nobody of the LGBT community,” he said, adding, “It is another one where things just get blown out and they love to just, any chance they get, they love to throw me under the bus.”

Even if that report is not quite accurate, the botched trade goes down as another not-so-great moment in the history of Cleveland's quarterback situation.

Maybe he just really likes orange. Still, there's no mistaking that players were angry when owner Bob McNair referred to them as “inmates."

The Ravens quarterback was left woozy and helmetless on the play and left the game.

Miami Coach Adam Gase wasn't happy with his offense. This is the result.

The Warriors coach says that signing the man who started the anthem protest movement would be a distraction, but “he's way better than any of” the quarterbacks being signed.


The Patriots place their faith in their 40-year-old quarterback (can you blame them?), but will need someone else (Brian Hoyer?) on the roster.

Winston hasn't practiced much before Tampa Bay's last two games, and it hasn't done them any good.

The 14-time major winner hasn't competed since February, after which he underwent back surgery.

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