Sunday’s NFL action saw both Jay Cutler and Matt Ryan line up for one play each as wide receivers. How did they fare? Well, let’s just say that they should definitely not quite their day jobs.

In Cutler’s case, he may actually wish he had a different day job. Things were going so badly for his Miami Dolphins in London that you could almost see the wheels turning: “I could have been in the Fox booth, but nooooo.”

It didn’t help that the game against the New Orleans Saints was plagued by first-quarter problems with headsets. But it didn’t really seem that Cutler’s heart was in the contest. He seemed headed for a cushy job in broadcasting until the Dolphins came calling. He joined the team late, and it’s clear things still aren’t clicking.

But then Cutler failed to show enthusiasm for a call for a wildcat play, reminding everyone of the heady, pouty days with the Bears.

No, Jay, you’re not supposed to stand there and watch. At least Ryan gave some effort when his turn came to split out wide of a wildcat formation — it’s just that his execution left something to be desired.

In fairness to both quarterbacks, they are strangers in a strange land, all the way out there, so very far from the comforts of being behind center. And neither Cutler nor Ryan offered a “highlight” quite as amusing as the epic flinch by Mark Sanchez a few years ago.

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