In the second quarter of Sunday’s Giants-Buccaneers game, Odell Beckham Jr. had a pass from Eli Manning glance off his hands, negating what could have been a first down in a game New York was losing by 10 points at the time. However, any frustration Giants fans may have had with the star wide receiver was quickly replaced with concern, as he clutched his right hand in pain.

Once Beckham was on the sideline, many viewers felt their sense of concern turn to something close to discomfort, if not squeamishness. That’s because Fox’s telecast stayed on him as a Giants trainer appeared to pop his index finger back into place.

Beckham did not have another catch in the first half, but he stayed in the game. Meanwhile, there were plenty of “bend if like Beckham” jokes online.

All in all, it was an admirable show of toughness from a player often criticized for diva-like behavior.

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