It’s been rough going so far for Jay Cutler in Miami. (Tim Ireland/AP)

As far as the coach who coaxed him out of retirement is concerned, the Miami Dolphins’ problem isn’t Jay Cutler.

Cutler being Cutler, he is coming in for a ton of criticism for his performance with the 1-2 Dolphins, who have scored all of 25 points this season.

“It drives me nuts,” Adam Gase said of the rips on Cutler (via the Miami Herald). “When I got here, I heard Ryan Tannehill couldn’t play. That was wrong. The evaluation skills of quarterbacks is really bad. I’m not going to listen to anybody outside myself.”

Gase, who worked with Cutler when he was the offensive coordinator in Chicago, lured him out of the cushy Fox broadcasting booth to which he had retired in the spring when Tannehill was hurt. Cutler’s mid-August arrival — late by NFL preparation standards — didn’t help, but he drew heavy criticism for a most Cutlerean effort on a Wildcat call during the Dolphins’ loss Sunday in London.

Sent wide right as a receiver, Cutler remained still as a statue after the ball was snapped.

The Dolphins at least know that they are one game behind everyone else, if that’s any consolation, because their opener was postponed until November by the arrival of Hurricane Irma in South Florida. Gase, for one, is not about to panic.

“I know where the ball is supposed to go. I know who is supposed to do what on every play. If we protect him and give him a second to throw the ball, we’ll be all right,” Gase said. “If he is going to get hit from start to finish, I don’t care who you put back there. We need to do a better job of protecting him and being where we’re supposed to be. There are somethings footwork wise he is going to better at. He knows where to go with the ball. We’re going to keep working on protecting the football when things break down in the pocket. We can’t just let him take hit after hit after hit after hit and expect him to stand in there. It’s not going to happen.”

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