The subject of where O.J. Simpson will live now that he has been released from prison has infuriated his lawyer, who ripped the Florida attorney general for stating last week that the parolee is not welcome in her state.

Calling Pam Bondi “possibly the stupidest person on the planet,” attorney Malcolm Lavergne went on a profane rant about the letter that Bondi wrote Friday, a little over a day before Simpson was released from Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center after serving nine years for robbery and kidnapping. Bondi on Sunday had backtracked a bit, saying that Florida may have no choice but to allow Simpson to move there, but her earlier note stung Lavergne and his client.

“Floridians are well aware of Mr. Simpson’s background, his wanton disregard for the lives of others, and of his scofflaw attitude with respect to the heinous acts for which he has been found civilly liable,” Bondi wrote (via Associated Press), referring to Simpson’s 1995 acquittal on charges of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. “Our state should not become a country club for this convicted criminal.”

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Lavergne was blunt in his response.

“What a complete stupid b—-. F— her,” Lavergne told the Times on Monday. “She has zero standing to even talk about Mr. Simpson’s case. She’s the attorney general, she has nothing to do with it. It’s virtually a foregone conclusion that Simpson will be moving to Florida when he chooses and once Nevada approves it. That’s handled by the Nevada Division of Parole and Florida department of corrections, not the attorney general.”

Simpson, who lived in Florida before he was arrested for an ill-conceived sting operation in Las Vegas to retrieve memorabilia from his football career, left prison shortly after midnight Oct. 1 and did not say where he would live, telling a reporter, “None of your business.” However, Capt. Shawn Arruti, an official with the Nevada parole and probation department, told the Associated Press that Simpson, 70, plans to live at a home in the Las Vegas area for the foreseeable future. Arruti declined to disclose the exact location of the house, for what he said were security and privacy reasons. Simpson has children in Florida and a friend has offered his Naples home; Simpson also has children in California.

Lavergne said that Simpson plans to live in a private location in Nevada for a while before asking to be allowed to move to Florida. He contends that Simpson has a right to move under the rules of the Interstate Compact, which says states must automatically accept transfers if certain criteria are met, such as the offender being a resident of the receiving state, having family in that state and being able to support him or herself. He added that his client was upset by the Bondi letter.

“He’s very, very, disturbed by it,” Lavergne said. “To him as a 70-year-old black male in America, he lived through a time when white people did get to tell black people where they could live. It reminds [him] of when he first moved to lily-white Bel Air, and the people there tried to keep him out and make his life miserable.”

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