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Cowboys fan suffers third-degree burns putting on flaming Dallas jersey after loss to Packers

Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates a late touchdown against Dallas. (Roger Steinman/Associated Press)

In August, after Isaiah Thomas was traded to the Cavaliers, LeBron James reacted to reports of Celtics fans burning the point guard’s jersey by calling that practice “ridiculous.” One can only imagine what James, a noted fan of the Cowboys, might make of a report this week out of Florida.

According to the Sebastian Daily, a Vero Beach man suffered second- and third-degree burns as a result of the Cowboys’ loss to the Packers on Sunday. Well, the injuries were actually a result of the man’s terrible error in judgment, but Dallas’s last-minute, 35-31 defeat was the precipitating factor.

The 27-year-old man was watching the game at home with his family, and he agreed to a wager with a woman he was with, who was rooting for Green Bay. The fan of the losing team would have to burn his or her jersey, and when Dallas fell to Aaron Rodgers and Co., the man went outside to set his Cowboys gear aflame.

That might have been the end of it, except that the man then had an idea he would soon regret: He would put on the jersey. While it was burning.

From the newspaper’s account:

A witness told Sebastian Daily, “He was set on fire after losing a bet on the Cowboys game … Skin was hanging off his arm and back.”
The man suffered third-degree burns on his right arm and right hand and second-degree burns to his back.

After family members pulled the jersey off the man, they rushed him to a hospital, where he reportedly told police that he was drunk. Here’s hoping that he recovers well and that he decides to never get drunk again, given the degree of impairment alcohol apparently inflicts on his decision-making faculties.

(H/T Sporting News)

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