Now playing quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, it’s Supergirl.

He’s better known as Drew Stanton and he entered the London game against the Los Angeles Rams when Carson Palmer broke his left arm. He’s likely to remain the starter, too, with Palmer facing surgery this week that is expected to sideline him for at least eight weeks. The Cardinals fell to 3-4 with the 33-0 loss.

Stanton had last been seen in warmups wearing the aforementioned superhero outfit, which is all part of an Arizona Cardinals tradition — a quarterback challenge in which the loser has to wear something outrageous. It involves Palmer, Patrick Peterson, Matt Barkley and Stanton and the rules are, well, kind of loose. It is, as Stanton put it in January, “Carson’s game” and he can change the rules weekly depending on how he’s feeling.

Palmer learned the game when he was in Cincinnati from Jon Kitna. “He and I would be doing fade drills and the competitive fade bucket throws and things like that, and it would get so loud down there that they would have to tell us to stop doing that because we were disrupting special teams practice at the time, or whatever it was,” Kitna told ESPN. “He and I would be down there just getting after it. But it was a great relationship.”

England can take comfort in this. It could have been worse.

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