Every week seems to bring news of another awful injury to a big star, but at least touchdown celebrations are going well for the NFL this season.

The league loosened its silly rules about celebrations, and the result has been solid entertainment, like what happened after JuJu Smith-Schuster caught a 31-yard touchdown pass for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon. He and running back Le’Veon Bell indulged in an exuberant little end zone game of hide-and-seek, with Bell hiding behind the goalpost. It may not be the kind of thing an ultraserious coach like Mike Tomlin would draw up, but it was good, solid fun.

Smith-Schuster is building quite an assortment of celebrations, like his “Dragon Ball Z” Kamehameha moment and the time he pretended to take pictures when Bell sparred with the goal post after scoring against Kansas City. (Okay, the latter was flagged, because only so much fun is allowed.)

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