As far as crimes go, the theft of Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster’s bike ranks pretty far down the list. But it’s Pittsburgh, and it’s the Steelers, and thus we got this “breaking news” out of Western Pennsylvania on Wednesday morning:

To begin at the beginning, Smith-Schuster posted a video Tuesday on Twitter in which he expressed dismay that someone had stolen his bike:

Smith-Schuster, a rookie wide receiver, retweeted an earlier video in which he explained his mode of transit: He doesn’t have a driver’s license so the bike will have to do.

I mean, the guy really seemed to like that bike, a Ghost Square Cross 5 that currently is retailing for nearly $700 (down from $999) at REI.

Antonio Brown, Smith-Schuster’s fellow Steelers wide receiver, offered a reward for the bike’s return. The hunt was on.

But now the happy ending: Rick Dayton of KDKA in Pittsburgh says the TV station was contacted by a man saying he bought the bike before learning it was stolen. The man turned it over to police. The end.

The crime might have been pedestrian, but the recovery of Smith-Schuster’s ride is something of a statistical oddity, considering that less than 5 percent of the bicycles that are stolen in this country are returned to their owners. The lesson here: Be a famous football player and have one of your teammates offer tickets in exchange for its return, and good things will happen.

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