Tommy Lasorda, the manager who took the Los Angeles Dodgers to their last World Series victory in 1988, had some stern Game 7 advice for Manager Dave Roberts.

“You haven’t done s— until you win [Game 7 Wednesday],” Lasorda told Roberts after a news conference late Tuesday night.

If that seems cheeky, well, Lasorda is entitled. Now 90, he has spent 68 years in the Dodgers organization through Brooklyn and L.A. and led the team to World Series championships in 1981 as well as ’88 and lost in the Series to the New York Yankees in 1977 and 1978.

The Dodgers won 104 games, more than any other Major League Baseball team this season, but Lasorda is keeping the pressure on. During a celebration of his 90th birthday with the Los Angeles City Council last month, he begged for the team to end its 29-year championship drought.

“Thank you for the honor,” Lasorda said (via ABC 7 in Los Angeles). “May God bless each and every one of you — and if the Dodgers don’t win this time, I think I’m going to kill myself.”

Lasorda, who underwent a procedure to replace his pacemaker in May and sometimes uses a motorized wheelchair, remains a special adviser to the Dodgers’ chairman and likes this team’s chances.

“I hope so. I think so. I believe so,” Lasorda told the Los Angeles Times recently. “I believe we are going to do it. We’d better do it.”

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