Lane Kiffin is aware of the point spread. (Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

Lane Kiffin has done a pretty good job getting Florida Atlantic back on its feet in his first season. The Owls are 6-3 and bowl-eligible after Friday night’s win over Marshall, a game in which FAU was a six-point favorite.

That last bit was very, very important to anyone who had a little extra interest in the game, if you catch my drift.

The Owls were up 30-23 with 2:30 left after an interception gave them the ball near midfield. Marshall was out of timeouts, so the game appeared to be over and FAU’s point-spread cover secure. Kiffin told his offense to take a knee but messed up the timing: Three kneel-downs were not going to kill 2:30 off the clock. So the Owls had to punt with 14 seconds left.

What followed will go down in bad-beat lore. Remember, FAU was a six-point favorite:

Your final score: Florida Atlantic 30, Marshall 25.

Freed from Nick Saban’s no-fun shackles this season, Alabama’s former offensive coordinator seems to have found his social-media voice, and that continued after the game when Kiffin said on Twitter that he didn’t want to cover the spread because of “too much rat poison,” another jab at his former boss’s contention that any good press the Crimson Tide gets is akin to “rat poison.”

(@Lane_Kiffin on Twitter)

A Florida Atlantic spokesman told ESPN’s David Payne Purdum that Kiffin was just joking. It remains to be seen whether the NCAA, which is staunchly opposed to sports gambling and probably doesn’t like its coaches joking about it, is laughing.

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