Jimbo Fisher, not long for Florida State? (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

It’s been an unexpectedly trying year for Florida State. Ranked No. 3 entering the season, the Seminoles lost their season opener to Alabama and lost quarterback Deondre Francois to a season-ending knee injury in the process. Things spiraled from there. After a 31-28 home loss to Louisville on Oct. 21, Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher got into a verbal scrap with a fan who complained about the composition of Fisher’s coaching staff. Six days later, the Seminoles hit rock bottom in a 35-3 loss at Boston College, and now they’ll have to win their rescheduled game against Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday just to gain bowl eligibility.

Oh, and Fisher reportedly is giving serious thought to taking the Texas A&M job, just four years after leading the Seminoles to the national championship. A decision could be coming Thursday.

After all that, Fisher somehow decided it would be a good idea to have his regularly scheduled call-in radio show in front of a live audience of possibly disgruntled Florida State fans. It went about as poorly as one would expect.

Fisher, to his credit, seemed to take the question about his loyalty well and on Thursday expressed regret about the whole incident.

The fan who was ejected from the show for asking a tough but fair question, Mike Tomkiewicz, told Tomahawk Nation’s Bud Elliott in a quick-reaction podcast Wednesday that it was about time someone asked Fisher about his loyalty to the program.

“I wanted to talk to Jimbo. We’ve watched his press conferences. He’s talked to us about how the fans need to keep cheering and they need to keep being loyal. And so my thought was: ‘Jimbo, if you’re asking that of us, what about you? Are you loyal to the program? Are you loyal to the recruits that you’re recruiting?'” Tomkiewicz said. “There’s all these questions about how loyal we are, are we going to build a football-only facility, are we going to keep giving money to the boosters, those types of things, but how is Jimbo committed to the program? And it doesn’t really feel like he is based on his action with the Texas A&M thing.

“I love Jimbo. I was appreciative that he came here. I still wish he would stay, if it was under the right conditions. I want him to revamp the assistant coaches and fix the program and continue his commitment to the program.”

Tomkiewicz said he got past the screener by saying he wanted to ask Fisher about the Seminoles’ possible bowl opponent. He had grown frustrated after 45 minutes of softball questions about uniforms and the like.

“I guess that wasn’t on the approved-question list,” Tomkiewicz said of his query and the aggrieved reaction to it. “If I had told him, ‘Look, I want to ask Jimbo about loyalty to the program,’ I think it’s a pretty solid bet they wouldn’t have let me ask the question.”

Tomkiewicz added that the only backlash he got from the question was from the staffer who bum-rushed him out of the room (he was uninjured, in case you were worrying).

“It’s amazing the positive reaction that I’ve gotten to it,” he said. “I was very concerned that there would be some negative backlash, but basically everyone that I’ve heard from regarding this has said, ‘Thank you for asking that question.’ ”

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