Wednesday’s ESPN layoffs didn’t have the sheer numbers of 2015, when around 300 of the network’s employees were let go, most of them from behind the scenes. And they didn’t have the boldfaced names of the layoffs in April, when the roughly 100 job cuts predominantly affected faces you knew from television and bylines you’ve read online. But the forced departures of 150 people Wednesday, none of them famous, still had a profound effect on those who remain in Bristol.

Investigative reporter T.J. Quinn offered a salute Thursday on Twitter.

According to his ESPN bio, David Brofsky had worked at ESPN since 1990 and was a senior coordinating producer in ESPN’s studio production department since 2001, overseeing the network’s morning and afternoon talk shows. Tony Reali added his own thoughts on Brofsky’s departure on Wednesday’s episode of “Around the Horn”:


“Outside the Lines” host Bob Ley, who says his office sits 10 feet from Brofsky’s, joined Reali on Thursday.

Stu Barbara joined the network for the launch of ESPN2 in June 1993 and had been a longtime producer for “Outside the Lines” in all of its iterations.

Quinn continued by mentioning John Sawatsky, who joined the network in 2004 as its “interview coach,” teaching ESPN’s reporters how to get better answers from their subjects.

Sawatsky seems to have made quite a mark on ESPN journalists both past and present:

Other layoffs came from’s editing ranks:

None of these people were familiar to anyone outside the Bristol bubble, but I’m going to say that doesn’t much matter to the people who will move forward without them.

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