The Golden State Warriors had few problems with the Orlando Magic on Friday night. In fact, they were even more exceptional than usual, dishing out an NBA season-high 46 assists on 55 field goals in a 133-112 win. Still, there was some late-game drama when Kevin Durant was ejected with 4:52 remaining after arguing about a couple of calls that didn’t go his way.

In case your lip-reading skills are not up to speed, Warriors Coach Steve Kerr was asked what it took for Durant to get the hook.

“He said the bad word,” Kerr said, per ESPN. “The magic word. I told [official] Scott Foster, ‘I call you that all the time and you never kick me out.’ He said, ‘But I am one.’ ”

It was Durant’s second ejection of the season, and he seemed to realize that he was probably asking for it.

“The refs run the game, so if they’re not feeling good today, they can just make any decision they want,” Durant said. “I have to know that they got all of the power, and I got to shut up and take it.”

About midway through the fourth quarter, Durant made contact with Magic point guard Elfrid Payton while appearing to shoot the ball. The officials did not send him to the line, and Durant expressed his displeasure after making a shot over Aaron Gordon on Golden State’s next possession.

“Oh yeah, it should have been two shots, but he didn’t give me an explanation on that,” Durant said of official Eric Lewis. “I guess because I kept asking him about it, he tossed me.”

Said Kerr: “He got fouled on a shot, and for some reason, they didn’t give him two free throws, which was kind of bizarre. It was one of the most bizarre non-calls I’ve ever seen. It looked so obvious, and he should have been at the line. I’m sure he was upset. I was upset about that, too.”

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